About us

The Ute Mountain Gang

Ute Mountain is an impressive volcanic pile arising suddenly from the San Luis desert floor and climbing thousands of feet into the air. And, within a few miles of this imposing edifice live some of the most talented musicians among the thousand of talented musicians around Taos, New Mexico.

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Hutchison plays guitar, keyboard, harmonica, bass, and, when pressed, kazoo.

Aaron Lewis is a master of anything using wind: oboe, clarinet, soprano sax, flute recorder, and pennywhistle.

Mark Dudrow , the only member of the gang living on the Colorado side of Ute Mountain, plays cello and mandolin.

His long-time sidekick Justin Dean plays guitar and fiddle.

Mark Boor adds a number of harmonica licks and banjo riffs.

Mike Stauffer’s squeeze-box is a unique voice in the mix.

Jan McDonald, a classically-trained brass player, contributed trumpet and flugelhorn, while his friend Larry Bronisz added trombone and french horn.

Francis Donald, himself around six foot tall, was almost dwarfed by his bass sax.

Charles Dillon played electric bass and allowed us unlimited access to his Bear Rock studio.

Last, but hardly least Tim Long played all kinds of percussion instruments from drums to slide whistle, dictated wild and creative tempi to old tried and true folk songs, and plied his computer in a way which convincingly melded all these musicians together.

Dean Gitter plays a 1910 Galiano six-string he picked up in a shop in Annapolis Maryland for peanuts and which he can’t keep his hands off.